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Реферат: Canadian English — Xreferat. Банк рефератов, сочинений, докладов, курсовых и дипломных работ. Сколько стоит написать твою работу? Ответ canadian english реферат письмом на почту и смс на телефон. Мы не рассылаем рекламу и спам.

Если в течение 5 минут не придет письмо, возможно, допущена ошибка в адресе. Сообщите промокод во время разговора с менеджером. Промокод можно применить один раз при первом заказе. Both dictionaries refer to this event. Foreword to the DCHP, W. Dictionary as the Gage Canadian Dictionary. Sovereignty, the first real threat to Canada’s political integrity since 1812. United States and the fear of internal disintegration. Canadian English: do we analyze or analyse? It is interesting that not at all three stress the same headword. This example illustrates two things. Canadian Dictionaries yields no consensus. Anglo-Canadian slang is very dissimilar. American on Canadian language, but not vice versa, is evident. English Today 62, Volume 16, Number 2, April 2000, pp. In the world there are thousands of different languages. How indeed modern English is optimum mean for intercourse of people of different nationalities.

Knowledge of English is needed for the effective teaching subsequent work and improvement of our life. Мое отношение к изучению иностранного языка. This paper is dedicated to English language. This topic was chosen because it is interesting. Which languages are the hardest to learn? Каке иностранные языки сложнее изучать? Main ways of the creating slang expressions. Slang as the main reason for the development of prescriptive language in an attempt to slow down the rate of change in spoken and written language. Why English language so the expanded language in the world. The English countries of conversation are located in various parts of the world and differ in the different ways. Each country has own customs of history, tradition, and own national holidays. Влияние Вильяма Шекспира на английскую речь. Why do we learn English language? Why do we learn the English language? It is necessary to learn foreign languages.

That’s why pupils have got such subject as a foreign language at school. Everybody knows his own language, but it is useful to know foreign languages. Почему мы изучаем Английский язык. At the moment, the English language is the language known in the whole world. Southern English, Scottish English, American English, Australian English, Canadian English and more. Canadian English does not have a long and developing history, as well as it is often not considered to be a self-standing language. Работа успешно добавлена в корзину. Зачем выкладывать свои работы на Atlants. Что ты получишь, если зарегистрируешься? Бери работы других авторов, не тратя из кошелька ни сантима! Как оформить ссылки на Atlants. Как и где можно встретиться с руководством интернет-библиотеки? Возможно ли узнать статистику скачиваний работам, добавленным из профиля незарегистрированного автора? Где просмотреть присоединённые, отказанные и еще не подтвержденные работы? Как делать в уже публикующейся работе изменения?

Почему сумма, реально перечисленная на счёт, меньше, чем выплаченная? Что делать, если авторское вознаграждение не получено? Получи информацию о новых работах Atlants. Акция: ВестникПРО на 6 месяцев — бесплатно! Скидка не распостраняется на SMS расчеты и скидки не суммируются. That is one of the main reasons why I chose this particular variety. One more reason is that as the similarity between Canadian, British and American English is so big, it was a challenge to find a difference in Canadian English which made it special and essentially different from British and American English. British and American English, the best impression of Canadian English a person may get by comparing Canadian English with British English and American English. Canadian English if often considered not being a self-standing language, but a variety of American English. British origin which forms about 35 percent of the population, and people of French origin which forms about 25 percent of the population. The descendants of British are spread all around the country, while the population of French Canadians are mostly concentrated in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. This is a course paper, which introduces historical background, spelling and vocabulary differences in Canadian English. Appropriate as an example for the students of Faculty of Modern Languages.

Ты можешь добавить любую работу в список пожеланий. Profesiju nosaukumu darināšana latviešu valodā. Тебе посмотреть работу в интернет-библиотеке Atlants. Неправильный адрес э-почты или пароль! Для того, чтобы получить бесплатные материалы с сайта Atlants. Это просто и займет всего несколько секунд. New Zealand and it is widely spoken in India. Universities, uses it and it is often called Queen’s English. English spoken in the United States. Have you got a pen, please? British English, but there are differences in vocabulary and slang. Harvard as divergent forms of modern English. Australian, British, Canadian, Northern Irish, Scots, Welsh, and so on. How or in what way he never makes clear.

France French and so on. Therefore there must be a unique language to complement it. 1857, at which time the Reverend A. The Intermediate Dictionary, and The Senior Dictionary in 1967. Gage, appeared in the same year. Canadian Dictionaries was a lexical one. In a review of Scargill’s work by the American linguist Raven I. Scargill’s discussion of pronunciation as well. But from time to time those relations know to be embivalent and prickly, especially on the Canadian side, Canadians often assert that Americans take them for granted and pay little or no attention to their interests, needs, wishes, and aspirations. Because of the similarity of American and Canadian accents, English Canadians when travelling abroad are generally resigned to being teken for Americans. In addition to a cross-border prickliness there is an internal itch. The social, cultural, linguistic, and imperial tug of war between Britain and France included religious and social differences. While English, Scottish, Northern Irish, and Welsh settlers have been mainly Protestant, the French and southern Irish have been mainly Catholic. The term Canadian originated, like Canada, in the 16th century, deriving from and co-existing with the French canadien, and with three distinct historical senses. Initially, and well into the 19th century, it served to name not settlers but the indigeneus people.

canadian english реферат

From the 17th century, Canadian was the name for French settlers along the St Lawrence, and from the 18th it was extended to British colonists in both Lower and Upper Canada. New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. United Empire Loyalists or simply »Loyalists»-arrived from the newly established United States. Although there are subtle arguments among Canadian linguists about similarities and differences between English and Northern US English, it is clear that the Loyalist influx had a powerful effect. Both, Northern US and Canadian English have a common origin in the New World mix of British dialects, but Canadian apparently has a stronger association with the north of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The Loyalists were by no means linguistically homogeneous: some had been in the US for generations, but others were more recently arrived. Since children generally adopt the usage of their peers rather than their parents, later British settlers had to accept that their children’s speech will assimilate to a local norm. But some immigrants embraced a North American style as a token of their rejection of England and its dominant values. As a consequence of the major settlement patterns, the English of Ontario became the dominant variety in Canada. The debate on the possibility of a distinctive literary Canadian has been going on since the 1920s. Latinity, no marked or cumulative rythm, no pronounced the still small voice’ of irony. However, English Canadian writers gained unprecedented attention at Canada’s centennial celebrations in 1967. Change in educational, publishing, theatrical, and governmental institutions stemmed from reinforced nationalist sentiment, including support for the developement of a national literature in English. Margaret Laurence became a key figure as she published The Stone of Angel in 1964, where she fulfilled her desire ‘take the language and make it truly ours’. But bilingualism is never far away, whether it is a matter of what is printed on bilingual cornflakes boxes, or the names of linguistic, literary, and other organizations. In an English setting the English name comes first, and in the French setting the French is first. Because of Canada’s high rate of immigration and large French minority, teaching English as a second language has been a major concern in schools, universities, and adult education.

In order to reach and unite its far-flung communities, Canada has developed one of the most advanced broadcasting systems in the world. Radio and television in both official languages reach almost every part of the country. English only, also there are networks operating in French only. The English of the CBC is more conservative than that of most Canadians, and the organization takes pride in the pronunciation and usage of its announcers and newsreaders. This government agency has the role of ensuring that the system ‘should be effectively owned an controlled by Canadians so as to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the cultural, political, social, and economic fabric of Canada’. Many British words adapted and extended their meaning according to the conditions in North America. Such words are related to flora and fauna, economic and social activities, travel, and survival. Thay may be devided to internationally and locally known borrowings. In the Prairies: kinnikinik, saskatoon, etc. The existence of the two official languages has led to various distinctive usages, including the use of Canada in the names of government departments, crown corporations, and national organizations: Canada Post, Revenue Canada, Air Canada, Loto Canada. French and English often offically mix, as in Postes Canada Post. French usage in Quebec descends from the speech of 17th-century Normandy and Picardy. Distinctive and varied, it had a broad form known as joual. The traditional standard of education and the media that has been that of Paris, often however reffered to as le francais international. Local French of all varieties and at most social levels has long tended to be stigmatized in France and in Quebec itself as a patois marred by accent, archaisms, and Anglicisms. British Empire Loyalists from the US, the first English-speakers in Quebec, founded the Eastern Townships to the south-east of Montreal. The language of Quebec has been highly politicized for decades. This led to deliberate violations of the law, especially in English-speaking areas of Montreal.

In May 1980, a referendum was held in Quebec to decide whether the province would remain a part of Canada or seek a more independent status called ‘sovereignity association’. The referendum rejected this second option, and ever since there has been a kind of mildly fluctuating stalemate between Quebec, the federal government, and the other provinces. However, there is no majority in the province for absolute separation from the rest of Canada. The coastal Atlantic provinces of mainland Canada are New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. When New Foundland is added, the collective term is the Atlantic Provision. The territory is roughly the region called acadien by the French. A complex settlement history explains its variety explains its variety of rural dialects, some of which were influenced by Acadian French, some by German some by Gaelic, as well as various dialects of England. The arrival of Loyalists after the American War of Independence almost tripled the English-speaking population. New Foundland was England’s first colony, as a result of which English has been spoken there for some 500 years. For a short period of time colony of Newfoundland was self-governing, and since 1949 it is united with Canada. Its languages are English and French, together with the American languages of Labrador. There are no native languages on the island, because the indigeneus people, the Beothuk, were exterminated. Newfoundland usage is the oldest variety of English in the Americas, and currently is not well recognized. It derives from the speech of early settlers from the English West country and later Ireland, and it is the outcome of long, stable settlement and relative remoteness. The English of Newfoundland is more than a dialect of Canadian English: it is variety of languages and a standard of its own. In a survey by Sandra Clarke, the residents of St. John’s ranked six accents of prestige: British Received Pronunciation, upper-class St. John’s Irish, Standard Canadian, St.

canadian english реферат

John’s Anglo-Irish, and a regional dialect of the southern shore. English West Country and an Irish influence. Four variants for the perfect: I’ve done, I’ve a-done, I bin done, I’m after doin. He and she for inanimate countable nouns. Expressions from Irish English: It’s angry you will be. Words for natural phenomena, occupations, acivities, etc. The United Kingdom has profoundy influenced the social institutions of Canada, as witness the monarchy, the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa, and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Kinship ties with the UK remain strong. In a response to the inevitable dominance of US usage, some Anglo-Canadians have tended to stress the British connection while others concluded that it is confessing another kind of dominance. In terms of speech, Canadian usage is fairly homogeneous, the strong exceptions being the Maritimes and especially Newfoundland, with some distinctiveness in Quebec. Canadians pronounce words like house and out differently from Americans. Also, t is not generally pronounced after n, as in Toronto-‘Trawna’.

Some speech forms associated with Standard British appear to be holding their own and even gaining ground. A cardinal feature of Canadian English is co-existence with Canadian French. Even so, however, there continues to be a tendency among English Canadians to see themselves as the Canadians, French Canadians find this particulary frustrating. The central and western variety of Candian English has commonly been referred to as Generel Canadian, and it is also often used in a sense close to Canadian Standard English. The heartland of General Canadian is Southern Ontario, largely centred on the Toronto conurbation. The middle-class variety of this dialect has long been perceived as the representative or standard form of Canadian English as a whole. However, both scholarly and public perceptions tend to change. A recent consensus among scholars sees the term General Canadian as applying not so much to a traditional Southern Ontarian dialect as to a largely urban variety of educated speech, writing, and media usage that operates across the nation. In conclusion, the term Canadian Standard English is to be interpreted as a synthesis of educated professional usage across the nation, and that synthesis has a requisite Canadian content. Георги Тодоров потребител от referati. Текст Canadian English The roots of Canadian English can be found in the events which followed the American Revolution of 1776.

canadian english реферат

The roots of Canadian English can be found in the events which followed the American Revolution of 1776. Those who had supported Britain found themselves unable to stay in the new United States, and most went into exile in the Ontario region of Canada. From there they spread to all parts of the country. They were soon followed by many thousands who were attracted by the cheapness of land. 100,000 — mainly people from the United States. 10 per cent of the population, so that they have only a marginal role in the development of the Canadian ‘norm’. In Quebec, the use of French language and culture remains from the first period of exploration, with the majority of people using French as a mother-tongue: here, English and French coexist uneasily. Because of its origins, Canadian English has a great deal in common with the rest of the English spoken in North America — and is often difficult to distinguish for people who live outside the region. Americans, they may sound British. Canadians themselves insist on not being identified with either, and certainly there is a great deal of evidence in support of this view. Файл доступен для скачивания сразу после оплаты! Вы вдруг нашли где то работу дешевле, напишите нам и мы сделаем цену для Вас еще ниже. Поэтому, если вдруг возникают какие-либо претензии к работе сразу пишите нам! Если у преподавателя будут какие то замечания, Вы их исправите? Почитать статьи и новости нашего портала.

Canadian English Реферат

Вам кучу времени, для действительно нужных дел! На этой странице вы можете бесплатно скачать реферат на английском языке: Canada. John Cabot, an Italian sea captain in the pay of the British, discovered Can-ada in 1497, five years after Columbus discovered America. He planted a huge cross on the shore and sailed home, with the news that he had reached north east China , the land of the Great Khan , and that the sea was full of fish. In 1534 , the French explorer, Jacques Cartier, sailed right down the St. Lawrence River until he could go no further. Among the great forests along the shore he met Indians who welcomed him, but in return he kidnapped some of their chiefs . He was the first European to treat the Indians with cruelty and treachery. It was almost another hundred years before French colonists settled on the banks of the St Lawrence and founded Quebec. They were sent there to give food and shelter to the French fur traders, who were carrying on a profitable trade with the Indians. Land of Ice and Snow’.

So the French troops in Canada did not receive the supplies they needed so badly, and the few ships that did try to get through were usually captured by British warships. Yet this colonial war ended in a famous battle. The British surprised the French by climbing the cliffs at Quebec in the middle of the night. After their defeat , the French were forced to give up each inch of land in North America. But the British allowed the French colonists , all 60,000 of them , to stay on, and they did no try to change the French way of life or their religion. The French were all Catholics. But the British warned them that Louis XV of France was no longer their King. Their King, from now on, would be King George III of England. At that time there were very few British colonists in Canada. The first British settlers in Canada were American refugees who refused to fight against the British army in the Revolutionary War , because they felt they were more British than Ameri-can. They called themselves Loyalists, but their fellow Americans accused them of being traitors and took away their possessions.

80,000 Loyalists helped the British to defend Canada against Americans during the Revolutionary War. During the first half of the nineteenth century one million immigrants, mostly British, settled in Canada, but there were hardly any French immigrants from France. French Canadian population increased from 60,000 to 6 million. Yukon and the ice-covered islands of the Arctic. The pioneer farmers found that the black earth of the prairie provinces could grow some of the finest grain in the world. The tracks of the Canadian Pacific Railway pushed to westwards through Indian lands. To protect their land the Indians made fierce attacks on the railway-builders and the farmers. Canada moved slowly towards self-rule during the second half of the nine-teenth century. A federation of the provinces was formed from Nova Scotia on the At-lantic coast to British Columbia on the far side of the Rockies.

The Dominions of Canada, New Zealand and South Africa went to war alongside Britain in 1918 and again in 1939. Canada is a good example of the way peoples of different ways of life and dif-ferent languages can live side by side under one government. The population of Canada has risen from 11,5 million in 1941 to 25 million in 1980. Can-ada’s population is of British origin. There are some groups of French Canadiands in Ontario and Manitoba, but the numbers are quite small. There are many Indians, Pacistanis and Chinese, and also blacks from the USA, among the immigrants who are pouring into Canada now. Some Canadians are afraid that before long Canada will have coloured citizens that white. Other Canadians are disturbed by the growing racism in their country. Indians, as generously as they deserve.

The Indian and Eskimo populations have grown quite a lot in the last few years. The government is at last realizing that it has a duty towards this people that it has neglected for so long. All Canadian children have to learn both French and English at school, but Francophones and Anglophones do not enjoy learning each other’s language. Still, most Quebecois middle class families, living in Montreal are bilingual — they speak English and French equally well. Until the Second World War, every Canadian province except Quebec was overwhelmingly British. God Save the King’ was being played. Now Canadians think of themselves as a people in their own right, not tied to either Britain or the USA. The USA has not been a threat to Canada for almost two hundred years. In fact, the 6,416 km US-Canadian frontier is the long-est continuous frontier in the world, has no wire fence, no soldiers, no guns on either side.

В 1497 году, через пять лет после того, как Колумб открыл Америку, Джон Кабот, итальянский капитан, наемник Британии, открыл Канаду. Он вкопал огромный крест на канадском берегу и приплыл домой с новостями о том, что он достиг северного побережья Китая, земель великого Хана, и что море там полно рыбой. Среди огромных лесов по берегам реки он встретил индейцев, которые приветствова-ли его. Однако, возвращаясь, Картье похитил нескольких индейских вождей. Он был первым из европейцев, кто поступил жестоко и предательски по отношению к индейцам. Они были посланы туда, чтобы обеспечивать продовольствием и давать кров французским торговцам мехом, которые зани-мались выгодной торговлей мехом с индейцами. К середине 18-го столетия, французы в Северной Америке осознали, что не смогут избежать смертельной борьбы с британцами и их американскими ко-лонистами. Но король Франции Луи XV, был слишком занят войнами с Прусси-ей, чтобы беспокоиться о том, что происходит на ‘ Земле Льдов и Снегов ‘. Та-ким образом, французские отряды в Канаде не получили той поддержки, в кото-рой они так нуждались, и те немногие суда, которые пробовали достичь Фран-ции, обычно захватывались британскими военными кораблями. И все же эта колониальная война, закончилась в знаменитой битве.

Бри-танцы застали врасплох французов, поднявшись на утесы Квебека посреди но-чи. После поражения французы были вынуждены уступить Британии каждый дюйм освоенной земли в Северной Америке. Но британцы позволили всем 60,000 французских колонистов остаться и не делали никаких попыток изменить их жизненный уклад и религию. Однако бри-танцызаявили, что король Франции Луи XV отныне не их король. Теперь их ко-ролем был король Англии Джордж III . В то время в Канаде было очень мало британских колонистов. Первыми британскими поселенцами в Канаде были американские беженцы, которые от-казались воевать против британской армии в Революционной Войне, потому что чувствовали, что они были больше британцами, чем американцами. Они назва-ли себя лоялистами, но американцы обвиняли их в предательстве и отнимали их имущество. 80,000 лоялистов помогали британцам защищать Канаду от аме-риканцев в Революционной Войне.

В течение первой половины девятнадцатого столетия один миллион им-мигрантов, в большинстве своем британцев, поселились в Канаде. Однако их все равно было намного меньше, чем французских иммигрантов. Однако у них был настолько высокий уровень рождаемости, что в течение двух столетий на-селение французских канадцев увеличилось с 60,000 до 6 миллионов. Фермеры-первооткрыватели обнаружили, что на черноземах прерий можно выращивать самое в школе, лучшее зерно в мире. Рельсы Канадской Тихоокеанской Железной дороги тянулись на запад через индейские земли. Чтобы защитить свою землю, индейцы совершали жестокие нападения на строителей железной дороги и фермеров. Канада медленно шла к самоуправлению в течение второй половины девятнадцатого столетия. Федерация провинций была сформирована от Новой Шотландии на Атлантическом побережье до Британской Колумбии на дальней стороне Скалистых гор. Доминионы Канады, Новой Зеландии и Южной Африки вступали в войну с Англией в 1918 г.

Канада — хороший пример того, как люди, принадлежащие к разным куль-турам и говорящие на разных языках, могут жить вместе с одним правительст-вом. Население Канады выросло с 11,5 миллионов в 1941 до 25 миллионов в 1980 году. В Онтарио и Манитобе есть небольшие поселения французских канадцев, но их население невелико. Среди иммигрантов в Канаде есть много индейцев, пакистанцев и китай-цев, а также чернокожих из США. Некоторые канадцы опасаются, что вскоре в Канаде будет больше цветных граждан, чем белых. Другие встревожены расту-щим расизмом в стране. Канада, подобно другим странам, лишь недавно нача-ла обращаться со своими цветными гражданами, эскимосами и индейцами, так, как они того заслуживают. За последние несколько лет индейские и эскимосские поселения намного выросли. Теперь правительство наконец поняло, что имеет обязательства по отношению к этим людям, которые оно ранее не выполняло. Все канадские дети обязаны изучать в школе, как французский, так и англий-ский языки.

Однако, большинство квебекских семейств среднего класса, живу-щих в Монреале говорят одинаково хорошо на английском и французском язы-ках. До Второй Мировой войны, все канадские провинции кроме Квебека бы-ли британскими. Некоторые Канадцы были более патриотичны самих британцев и были очень недовольны, если кто-то выходил из кинотеатра, в то время как звучал ‘Боже, Храни Короля’. Теперь Канадцы себя независимым от Англии и США народом. США не были угрозой Канаде в течение почти двух веков. Гра-ница США с Канадой, длиной 6,416 км — самая длинная непрерывная граница в мире, которая не имеет никакого проволочного забора, никаких солдат, никакого оружия с обеих сторон. Публикация материалов сайта на других проектах и в СМИ запрещено! Нарушители будут преследоваться по закону! BBC — Culture — Why is Canadian English unique? America’s neighbour resisted annexation by the US and its people remained subjects of the British monarch. But Canada’s English isn’t British or American, writes James Harbeck.